Policies and Information

Welcoming Parents to Little Learners Day Care LLC

Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome you to Little Learners Day Care LLC. We're very pleased and proud that you have chosen us to care for your children. Our goal is to provide the best possible care for your child. We would also like to make your child's first school experience with us fun and rewarding. You are welcome to visit your child in the center throughout the day. If any problems arise, please let us know immediately so that we may correct the problem if it is possible. Following are some terms of enrollment and important information we would like to share with you. Please read this carefully.

Please Fill Out All Forms

Please return your colored enrollment card filled out on both sides and signed and your child's health history, along with your registration fee, before your child's first day of attendance. Since we are accepting your checks and sometimes receiving post payment, we do require your social security numbers. We require each family to fill out a USDA family size income statement for our food program. If your income is well above the guidelines stated on the back of the form, you may fill in your name and your child's (children's) name(s) and write, "does not apply." If you are in doubt, please fill it out as it may provide extra income for the center.

The Child Immunization Form and Child Health Report Form can be completed by you and returned to us within the month. Please be sure to have immunizations up to date. Also, inform us when immunizations are updated at 2 years and kindergarten age. We also need an updated health for every 2 years (6 months for infants) through kindergarten entrance.

If your child is to be transported by us or is walking to and from Little Learners, you'll need to fill out a transportation permission form by the first day of attendance. If your child is under 2, or still in diapers, you should fill out a special intake form by the first day of attendance. 

You will also be given a brochure with a fee card, our admission discharge, fee policies, a nutritional guide, and a summary of Wisconsin day care regulations which you should read over carefully as our agreement states that you have read and agree to our terms.

Inform Us of All Medications

If your child needs medication while attending, we will be happy to comply, but we need the following before we can administer medicines. The medication must be in its original container (you might ask the pharmacist to give you 2 bottles) and you must fill out and sign an authorization to give medication.

This applies to over-the-counter medicines, ointments, bug sprays, sunblock, etc. Your child's teacher will then administer the correct dosage at the correct time and record this in our medicine log. If a dosage is missed, or in error, we will contact you. This is for the protection of your child, as well as the center.

In Case of Injuries or Emergencies

In the event of a serious injury occurring at Little Learners, we will contact you immediately. If you cannot be reached, we will transport by staff car or ambulance to St. Michael's Hospital and attempt to contact you at your emergency number.

In the event of a questionable injury, we will contact you and apprise you of the situation. In the event of a minor injury, we will inform you (verbally or in writing) about when your child is to be picked at the end of the day. In all cases, the staff member observing the injury logs injuries for you and the center.

Policies for Major or Minor Illnesses

In the event of serious illness (high fever, vomiting, suspicious of contagious illness or infection, such as but not limited to chicken pox, strep throat, scabies, head lice, pink eye, hepatitis, influenza, impetigo, or mononucleosis), we will call you immediately and expect that your child be picked up within one hour.

In the event of a questionable illness, we will apprise you of the situation. In the event of a minor illness, we will let you know upon your arrival. We will inform you of any disturbances in your child's schedule such as sleepiness or diarrhea. We will post any communicable diseases, not in children's names. Your child will be observed upon arrival and throughout the day by staff for any signs of injury or illness and the director (or child's teacher in her absence) will determine the seriousness.

If your child becomes sick in the facility, we'll inform you promptly. We expect parents to be there in the facility within 30 - 60 minutes of informing to pick their child. Children need to take rest for complete 24 hours.

Information for Parents

At least once a month, parent information will be composed in order to share with you any pertinent information, dates, special events, etc. We may also write a short note with a communication about your child. The letters, along with your monthly statement, will be found in your parent slot. Please get in the habit of checking your slot regularly.

Signing In and Out

You will find a daily sign-in sheet, along with a copy of licensing regulations, a statement on non-compliance, and our license, near the front entrance. Please find your child's name, record time of arrival and departure, and sign your name on the last day of attendance for the week. This log will be used to verify attendance in the event of an inquiry by DHFS and also be used in the event of a fire or weather emergency. Please get in the habit of accompanying your child into the center each day and checking your parent slot.

School-Age Children

Those walking to and from Little Learners walk unaccompanied by a teacher, in a group if at all possible. Please familiarize your child with the route between school and daycare before the first day of school. There is a permission slip needed in this event too.

Children attending in the early morning and late afternoon hours, before and after school, will be offered breakfast or a PM snack, varied activities, outdoor activities in the PM, and time for homework, if so desired. Children will have a choice and balance of activities as with our preschool program.

Our Fees

Fees can be paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, but prepay rates are in effect only if you prepay by the preceding Thursday. After this time, you need to pay the highest post pay rates. We will also charge a $50.00 fee for returned checks. We will charge 1.5% monthly on all past due bills beginning 30 days after your child's termination at Little Learners.

Children's Absences

If you give 2 weeks' notice, written and dated, of any absences, there will be no charge. (*) (**) All other absences will be charged at the regular rate.
(*) Children under 2 will be charged full rate regardless of absences except for prearranged summers, Christmas, or spring break vacations.
(**) Summer vacations - for the summer, 2 weeks' absences are allowed at no charge. Children normally attending 5 days per week are allowed 10 days; 4 days/week - 8 days, etc. We also require 2 weeks' notice when you are terminating your child's enrollment. If given less than 2 weeks' notice, you will be charged full rate for the remainder.

Late Pickup Charges

We are generally open from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM. For the summer and other occasions when enrollment is low, we may shorten hours. You will be given ample notice. Please pick up your child no later than our specified closing time as our staff may have appointments or classes scheduled. If you are late, you will be charged a late fee detailed below.

Holiday Closures

Little Learners will be closed on the following holidays or alternates: New Year's Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If our enrollment is less than 25% on any given day, usually the day following a holiday, we will be closed. We will try to give at least 2 weeks' notice.

Fun Field Trips

During the school year, we occasionally go on field trips. In the summer, we have a field trip or water day at least once a week. We use the city bus or walking as a means of transportation. Field trips are detailed in the parents' letters and are usually posted. If there is a transportation or admission fee, we will pass this cost on to you. All modes of motor transportation are equipped with first-aid supplies and teachers will take your child's medications along if they do not require refrigeration. If we should be leaving the area, we will take your child's enrollment card with us so that any off-premises injuries can be handled in the above-mentioned manner.

Nap Time

We have a 2-hour nap time following lunch. All of our 2- to 4-year old should nap and bring a very small pillow and blanket.

Diaper Changes

If your child is in diapers, you are responsible for keeping an ample supply of disposable diapers and wipes at the center. Teachers will chart diaper changes and all attempts at toilet training when you first begin that process.

Serving Meals

Children who are at the center by 9:00 AM will receive breakfast, which consists of a grain, a fruit or vegetable, and milk. Children who are at the center during the lunch hour (11:30 AM) will receive lunch. School-age children who are at the center after 3:00 PM will receive an afternoon snack. When your toddler begins table foods, he or she is welcome to join us in our food program. Toddlers no longer on formula will receive whole milk until the age of 2, unless by your doctor's written exception.

All other children will receive skim milk. On occasion, and especially for the summer field trips, we will ask children to bring a completely disposable bag lunch (no coolers, lunch boxes, tableware, Thermoses, etc.). Therefore, we are required by regulations to inform you of the nutritional guidelines for a child's lunch. You will receive those guidelines in your enrollment packet.

Miscellaneous Other Information

All children should have a complete change of clothing (shirt, pants, underwear, and socks) labeled and stored in a shoe box. Children should not bring gum or candy. Children should not bring toys to the center, as it is very difficult for us to keep track of these items. Very often the end of the day finds these toys broken or missing, and neither teachers nor the center is responsible for these items. On occasion, our toys and puzzle pieces find their way home with your child. Please help them find their way back. Thanks!


We usually have a fundraiser in the fall and at the beginning of the summer session. These funds are usually used for a special piece of equipment, replacement toys, or art supplies. We have always had an amazingly good backing from our parents in these undertakings and our staff and children appreciate it.

We hope that we have covered anything that you may be questioning and that with this letter. You have all the information you may need concerning our fees, requirements, and policies. If you have any questions or comments, please share them with us. One of our best ways of growing and improving is with your feedback.
Little Learners Director

Policies for Admission and Discharge of Child and Fee Payment

It is our intention to provide quality childcare. Our center meets or exceeds all guidelines and regulations set by the state. Our staff is chosen for their knowledge of early childhood, educational principles, and the individual child.
Little Learners Day Care is a group child care facility with a licensed capacity of 36. The center is open to all children, regardless of race, sex, creed, handicap, age, political persuasion, or national origin; between the ages of six weeks and twelve years. The center is open January through December, Monday through Friday, from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM (or when the last child leaves if that is earlier). The exceptions are January 1st, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. The following days are dependent upon a 25% or more enrollments: January 2nd, Good Friday, July 3rd or 5th, the Friday following Thanksgiving and December 24th or 26th. Hours may be temporarily shortened during spring or Easter break, Christmas break, and summer break, dependent upon enrollment.
Children are considered enrolled upon the director's receipt and acceptance of the registration fee and fully completed enrollment forms (i.e. enrollment form, health history, family size-income statement, parental agreement, and intake, form or transportation permission if necessary). Health and immunization forms (if necessary) must be returned within ONE month or enrollment may be suspended and the Portage County D.A. office informed as per state regulations. Parents will also receive a copy of our brochure, an informative letter, including various center policies and procedures, HFS rules summary, and nutritional guidelines. Parents will be informed of this and that their records will be held in confidence and released only to parents, a person authorized in writing by the parent, agencies assisting in planning for the child when written parental consent is given, or agencies authorized under s.48.78, Status. The state requires mandatory reporting of child abuse.
Children may attend, on a regular schedule, between 1 and 5 days per week, half days (Less than five hours per day), full days, or before or after school for kindergarten to sixth grade. Parents will agree, in writing, to pay the current rate for their child's scheduled regular attendance, regardless of actual attendance. Parents will not be charged for days of absence having given 2 weeks' written notice with the exception of summer sessions. The summer session will allow 2 to 10 days of vacation with 2 weeks' written notice at no charge. All other days will be charged at the normal daily rate. In the case of an extended layoff, the aforementioned applies to the first 2 weeks and thereafter an enrollment spot cannot be guaranteed unless the child attends one-half of the previously agreed upon schedule. Parents will be informed of all fees and payment policies in our brochure.
Parents will be made welcome to visit the center at all times before or after enrollment unless such access is denied by a court order.
If a child poses a threat to him or herself, staff, or other children, he or she will be discharged with 2 weeks' notice if possible. A child will be discharged with 2 weeks' notices if he or she is destructive of center property. A child will also be discharged for nonpayment of funds in excess of $200 and for failure to comply with center policies, or inappropriate behavior of a parent while in the center.
If a parent initiates the withdrawal of a child, 2 weeks' written notice is required. A full daily charge will be made for any days less than the 2 weeks' notice. Any funds on the account after this period will be refunded to the parent by check no later than 1 week after the end of that month. Activity fees, registration fees, and holding fees are nonrefundable.

Additional Fee Payment Policies

  • Fees are charged by infant full days, child full days, half days and school age before or after school
  • Lower prepay rate is in effect until closing on the Thursday preceding a week of care
  • Any W2 or other human service program co-payments are to be paid on a mutual agreement basis
  • In a varied schedule, parent and director will agree to a minimum weekly schedule
  • A late fee will be charged after closing, the rate to be detailed in the fee schedule
  • The director or other appointed staff member(s) will keep daily attendance records from which parents will be charged daily fees
  • Parents will be issued a statement at the end of each month detailing childcare costs and payments
  • A monthly finance charge of 1 1/2% will be added to any child care payments past due 30 days or more after the discharge (parent or center initiated) of a child
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