Infants and Toddlers

Caring for Your Infants and Toddlers

Little Learners Day Care LLC offers programs and activities for infants and toddlers ages 6 weeks old to 2 years old.
We welcome you and welcome the opportunity to work with your little one. It is our goal to provide quality care for your child with a variety of activities throughout his or her day, including quiet times, music outdoor time (weather permitting), conversation, stories, language enrichment, large and small motor development, and creative activities (for the toddlers). We also aspire to provide your child with a safe and healthy environment. In this endeavor, we need your cooperation. We would like to ask you to provide the following:

  • Disposable diapers and wipes (at least a week's supply at all times) labeled with your child's name
  • If you would like Little Learners to provide your child with formula, please bring in 2 bottles marked with your child's name
  • If you will be providing formula or breast milk, bring in enough to last the day. We also need an emergency supply of dry formula and a labeled spare bottle
  • Little Learners will provide pureed foods to your child at an agreed upon time. If you prefer to introduce foods, then you should bring in your preferred baby foods and cereals (labeled) that you would like us to feed your child each day. Please be aware that we are required to dispose of leftover foods and formula after 24 hours, so you need to bring a fresh supply each day
  • Instructions on your expectations concerning you child's feeding, diapering, etc
  • One or two complete changes of clothing, labeled. Any protective clothing that you would like your child to wear outdoors or other times
  • A signed permission slip when any medications, ointments (labeled), etc. are to be used with your child
  • A signed doctor's physical every 6 months and timely updates on immunizations
  • Please let us know when you feel your child is ready to join us in our center provided meals (all or part), what foods you do or do not want your child to have and when you would like us to switch from formula to milk (we serve whole milk to children under 2 years old)
  • Let us know of any upsets in your child's schedule and be sure to check the daily report written for your child each day indicating meals, naps, diaper changes, moods, and supplies needed
  • Please keep in contact with your child's teacher or the director regarding your child's development or any other concerns you may have
  • All infants must be placed on their backs to sleep unless you have a note from your baby's doctor stating otherwise because of a medical condition. Back sleeping is the safest position for infants and reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Little Learners Infant and Toddler Staff

Please note: Parents need to bring diapers and wipes, one change of clothing (for younger children 2-3 change outfits). In addition, each child has to bring a crib sheet or any type of blanket.

A discounted rate is available for families who enroll multiple children at once. 

Contact us for details about our pricing. 


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